Although eLearning is very beneficial for students in this pandemic period, professionals can also take advantage of it. Training centers that provide the necessary certifications for employment can adopt online learning.

Aside from that, the interaction between participating professionals can be easy now through the use of discussion forums. Why such forums are helpful in online training? Here are some of the reasons why:

Peer-to-Peer Review

In a forum, interactions of all kinds must be expected. The important thing is that the discussion has to be relevant. When a learner starts a discussion, others react and the topic can be further expounded, which helps in weighing the content and recalling past learning.

Improvement Of Work Quality

During discussions, some professionals can share their difficulties while others suggest possible solutions. Among those who are sharing solutions, constructive criticisms are surely present and contribute to reaching a consensus.

Advice On Preparations

Within the discussion thread are various people with various experiences. One may be a veteran in a certain field and can offer advice, which possibly stems from his/her past mistakes or lucky guesses, on how to prepare better.


Role-playing within the discussion thread is done by illustrating a simulation of the topic at hand. Since some interpretations may differ from one another, the abundance of participants can really help in arriving at a clear conclusion.

Different Perspectives

Learners are different in age, and so, their mindsets are different also. A veteran may see something that a newbie has yet to understand. The more perspectives there are, the thirstier one can be in learning for more.

Enjoyable Learning Retention

In a discussion forum, the moderator can conduct enjoyable games. They can be trivia quizzes or challenges, as long as they can encourage learners to tap on their recently learned knowledge and skills.

Leads to More Trends

As discussions become more diverse and engaging, certain conclusions can lead to discovering recent trends. Not only that, ideas about creating new courses may further the development the learners are expecting of.

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