It seems that the pandemic may take a few years before things go back to completely normal. Aside from online learning, remote working will also become a norm sooner than anyone can expect. Not only is schooling adjusting, but training employees are also affected. This is where the significance of a learning partner can make things easier.

How to Determine an Appropriate Learning Partner

Digital content is on an exponential rise and there are countless people or organizations creating learning tools and platforms. However, just like in formal schooling wherein there is an effective instructor and a less effective one, online learning partners have such distinctions.

Here are the factors you can look for in choosing the appropriate learning partner:

Retrieval Of Learning

Quizzes and exams exist to test one’s knowledge and ability. But unknowingly, those activities require “retrieval of learning”, and this process enables learners to strengthen their memories more. It pushes the limits of thinking in such a small period of time and the mastery of a certain subject matter is gradually being desired.

Levels Of Difficulty

Logically, continuous learning begins from simple things and move higher onwards. A learning partner must offer a structure wherein the difficulty increases as you pursue more learning. Consequently, the retrieval of learning also raises its difficulty and creativity level.

Curating Of Learning

There’s a reason why techniques like mnemonics are very effective as they stimulate the memory to retain things that need to be remembered. The appropriateness of words and illustrations and their levels of being relatable to the learners can influence how the information be retained for long-term usage.

Learning Partner’s Impact

Whether as a student or an employee or both, the effectiveness of a learning partner can influence the success of your online learning. It is important to coordinate those with extensive content library and consideration of the aforementioned factors.

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