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Upload Your PowerPoint Presentation to our Dropbox Now

Click here to go to the World Conference Dropbox and follow the simple instructions to upload your PowerPoint presentation. You will receive an email confirmation after your file is successfully uploaded. If you do not receive a confirmation, please try again. There is no limit on the size of file you can upload.

IMPORTANT: You must name your file using the following format:


#### = the four-digit Oxford Abstract reference number assigned to your submission. The Oxford Abstract reference number was included in your confirmation e-mail. Do not include any other information in the file name.

If you make revisions to your presentation, upload the new file using the same link. Dropbox does not overwrite your existing file. If you upload multiple files, we will use the most recent uploaded file and delete all others.

Each of the presentation rooms at the Sheraton Hotel is equipped with a laptop, projector and screen. The laptop will have the most recent version of Microsoft PowerPoint software preloaded and the last version of your presentation will be loaded onto the laptop in your assigned room.

Please ensure your presentation is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Click here for information on exporting an Apple Keynote presentation to PowerPoint.

Do not send PowerPoint presentations via e-mail to the World Conference on Online Learning as they will not be saved.

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