When there is a significant skill gap between one batch of employees and another batch, training is to be expected. As of this moment, as the pandemic still continues to wreak havoc, online learning is considered the best solution.

However, there can be certain misconceptions as the majority thought that more content being incorporated can address the issue of the skill gap in the real world.

According to Rhys Giles, the Product Director of Fuse, it is important to illustrate how learners can engage with the contents of learning platforms. In short, it is a matter of optimizing the learning so it can be ready for real-world applications. Given that Fuse’s activities are focused on understanding user learning experience, what Rhys stated might be true.

How Learning Actually Works

As mentioned, Fuse is in the business of understanding how learning works in the real-world. Rhys indicated that the start of learning is probably the most important. A company may have existing knowledge sources and detailed expectations for its trainees. By using all of that as a basis, learning tools are prepared accordingly.

In other words, one has to learn something if it is needed to. Even with a handful of materials, as long as they are very relevant, they can be enough references for creating a good content methodology. You can expand from there if an evaluation indicates that there is a need to.

The Significance Of Safe Space

The term ‘safe space’ is a specific environment wherein learning is being practiced for memory retention. Among the common activities are conducting simulations, skill demonstrations, and experiments.

In a safe space, circumstances are controlled, and it will be easier to see which aspect is still lacking and which is already mastered. Aside from that, feedbacks given are seen as constructive criticisms. They have to be nurturing to one’s personality and ability.

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