While the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet ending soon, most companies tend to adopt the “remote working” strategy. There will be employees who’ll be deemed as less essential than others and asked to stay at their residences while fulfilling their necessary tasks for the company. However, such a strategy can have different impacts.

Here are some of them:

eLearning Is Demanded More

Not only is eLearning for schools and students, but it can also be applied for training employees. In eLearning, courses can be developed in order to help an employee fulfill his/her work.

The Mindset Of Employees Changes

Obviously, the pandemic brought almost all of the world’s population stress in different forms. The effects of remote working may be subjective since it can be an opportunity for companies to abuse the employee’s availability.

There Are Expectations for eLearning to Be Similar With Other Media

When employees are remotely working, online training might be complicated since there is no physical aspect of learning. If online courses are constructed using familiar media such as animations and video demonstrations, then the learning experience might be productive.

Learning While Working Is Common

While an employee does a particular task and encounters obstacles, the eLearning tools can be of great help when something is to be learned on the go.

Storytelling Is Beneficial

With the absence of an instructor, eLearning can be uninteresting. One way to overcome that is by using the method of storytelling when delivering the necessary topics and imprinting knowledge.

The Flexibility Of Learning Periods Can Matter

There will be situations that the need to learn something that may take either a long period or a short one. It will mostly depend on relevance and the learning curve.

Development Of More Helpful Digital Tools

As remote working becomes normalized, there can be more digital tools developed to further improve the online learning experience. One example is a chatbox that can assist learners in their concerns without needing additional manpower.

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