The transition to distance learning and distance working was not an easy one. In the educational industry, it still is a struggle to synchronize everything and increase productivity to some acceptable levels.

As a result, the use of pen tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other hardware has increased exponentially. Furthermore, we also saw the rise of software solutions that make online learning possible and easier.

Of course, there are still many challenges that schools and educators still need to figure out. However, with the present solutions, and modern technology in classrooms, there is a lot we can achieve.

In the following lines, we will present four combinations of software and hardware solutions that can help anyone increase their productivity while working/learning from the comfort of their home.

Make Notes With Ease Using the Artists Pro 12 Display

With the rise of online working and new e-learning trends, PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations have become even more popular.

The Artists Pro 12 seems perfectly matched for tasks that include annotations, note-taking, highlighting important segments, writing down key ideas, and so on. This is especially important in long reading assignments where it is necessary to pinpoint the main points and focus on the key concepts. By being able to take notes properly, you will be able to work more efficiently and study better.

Make Use of the Millions of Templates That Are at Your Disposal

It is really hard to count how many Keynote templates, PowerPoint templates, Microsoft Word templates, Excel templates, Graphics, and other similar assets are available online.

For example, with an Envato Elements membership, you have access to more than two million templates of all sorts. Using pre-built templates will increase your productivity and your tasks significantly easier.

Make the Most of Your Digital Signature Using Tools Such as the Star G640 Tablet and Docusign

For some time, remote working and learning have been the new normal. We get to do all sorts of tasks without leaving our homes. These tasks include receiving and sending emails, attending an online conference, schedule and attending online meetings, creating web pages, etc.

However, the one thing we haven’t fully figured out is dealing with electronic signatures. Signing a paper contract is still the preferred method for many people. But that requires mailing the contract to the other party to sign it and then waiting for them to do so. That way, the process gets prolonged for quite a lot.

This is where online tools such as DocuSign come into place. Thanks to their services you can safely sign any contract. You and every other involved party that needs to sign the contract can sign the contract via this service. DocuSign complies with the EU eIDAS Regulations, UETA, and the US ESIGN Act.

With the help of that, the e-contracts are as good as any paper contract. One can precisely present the handwritten content on the contract, by using a good tablet featuring simultaneous digital inking.

Get Assignments Done on the Go With the Help of Your Smartphone

Nowadays, there aren’t many things you can do on your laptop or tablet that you can’t do on your smartphone. You can do calculating, drawing, writing, editing documents, all that, and more on your smartphone. The only real downside is the size of the screen, which can somewhat decrease your efficiency.

But then again, if you opt to connect your smartphone with an XP-PEN Deco01 V2 tablet that has a 10 x 6.25-inch screen, you will have access to a much greater writing area. The stylus is designed to work as an actual pen, and it will feel like writing on real paper. That way, your productivity won’t suffer at all and can only increase.

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